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Pangolin- Wasp Inspired for the Good of Mankind

Exoskeleton- An external skeleton that supports and protects an insects insides from harm like steel armor. Now, imagine being able to protect your personal goods in the same manner, while being ecologically friendly, socially conscious and stylish. Handmade Fair trade backpack by Pangolin are the urban solution for such demands. 

The Pangolin’s wasp resembling design changes the way a typical backpack functions. By using overlapping sliding parts that are attached to each other with a suped-up wing nut and closes with three magnetic snaps. The large capacity bag has enough room and pockets for all your notebooks and pens, MP3 player, cell phone and an average sized lap top. In addition to its striking appearance it is anatomically shaped so it fits on your back perfectly.

AND… the backpack is produced under fair trade regulations by Colombian locals who are social disadvantage, such as single mothers, refugees and Indians of the Camentsa Tribe in efforts to help build up the community. Pangolin promises the Colombian emplyees are given good working conditions and are paid above the minimum wage. Fair Trade!!

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Retail: $195.00 EUR / $291.79 USD

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