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The Seven and Blake Collection is here!

After seven long months of production, the Seven Halos x Sophie Blake collection is finally here!

Seven Halos and Sophie Blake capsule Collection Debut

Seven Halos founder and collection co-designer Jenn Nicole Smith (center left) with Sophie Blake (center right), luxury jewelry designer and co-designer of the Seven x Blake Collection.

Jennifer Smith, Founder of entered in a collaborative partnership with NY based Jewelry Designer to create a unique, hand crafted, luxury capsule collection Inspired by the baroque pattern of Jennifer’s mother’s antique dresser, seven pieces came to gather in to form a limited edition line that combined matte black wood with 18k gold plating and chains.

The whole point of having a statement necklace is for it to be bold, for it to speak for itself. I’ve always described my personal style as classy with a hard edge. An elegant rebellion. I wanted this first collection to really be reflective of me and my personality, but also be something that any confident woman could wear and get noticed in”- Jennifer Smith, Founder of

In typical Seven Halos fashion, no frill was spared. The collection was debuted at District Lounge, one of Boston’s best venues for dining and night life. Guest entered into a white leather adorned corridor where they were asked to grace the camera with their presence.  Before entering the main room, each person was greeted with a glass of champagne and directed to the asian inspired appetizer buffet.  Guest were entertained with a live painting

Artist/ painter Wendy Darling with Jenn Nicole Smith of Seven Halos

Artist/ painter Wendy Darling with Jenn Nicole Smith of Seven Halos

session from local artist and trendsetter Wendy Darling, who’s portrait of the iconic Grace Jones would later be raffled off to luck winner.

At the stroke of 9, the floor was parted like the red sea and 6 models emerged wearing the collection like living statues. The “art instillation” style show lasted just seven minutes, but each minute had the audience captivated.

The night concluded with random acts of magic and dancing.

Seven Halos and Sophie Blake Capsule Collection

Prada Spring/Summer 2011 Baroque Sunglasses

Prada Baroque Glasses 7 500x333 Prada Spring/Summer 2011 Baroque Sunglasses

Fresh off the runway, the Prada 2011 Spring & Summer Baroque sunglasses call back an era gone by when the shameless pursuit of fashion and powdered wigs were all en vogue.  The highly fashioned Baroque glasses were released in a limited launch only months ago and today, Luxottica formally introduced the limited edition glasses for retail in both the Baroque Deluxe and the Baroque Minimal  styles for the more conservative Prada woman.

The Baroque Deluxe sunglasses that actually graced the Prada runway this season and appeared in a fashion montage video are available in 500 pieces.  The Baroque Minimal will be available in July at select eyewear dealers and retailers for $390 and $290 respectively.  Take a look at the photos of these stylish shades below and shop Prada to pick them up – HERE.


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