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Chic Frames for the Chic College Student: SEE Eyewear

As mid-term week approaches, college students start to get lazier when it comes to putting on a fresh face before stepping out of the dorm. Wouldn’t it be great to look casual and trendy at the same time without even trying?

Fashion experts have long been debating the easiest way to add a flare of sophistication to a simple outfit. But I have found the secret in a commonplace accessory: glasses.

chic frames - Seven Halos - glasses

(courtesy of

Glasses are your go-to secret weapon. When confronting fashion in college, might at first seem counter intuitive  When walking around campus, I only see thick-lensed frames pop up on faces of computer science nerds or on athletes battling pink eye. Most college students have their seventh-grade frames stashed away in their bottom desk drawer for emergency purposes only.

But the fact that the majority of college students opt for contact lenses makes wearing glasses unique. And if you pick out a super cute pair, it can add a new layer of personality to your look that feels just as refreshing as a new makeover.

Whether you’re one to plan your outfits days in advance or you barely manage to roll out of bed in time for class, a perfect pair of glasses can give you a nerdy chic twist that adds an unidentifiable spark to any look.

I discovered my power weapon in a pair of glasses from an eye-wear boutique in Boston a couple of years back. While satisfying my shopping cravings on Newbury St., I stumbled upon SEE Eyewear. Their window display glinting with colorful and retro-style frames lured me into their basement store, where I spent hours trying on various frames before settling on a pair of ruby red specs with tortoise shell lining the sides.

SEE’s carefully crafted frames might edge on the pricier side of your budget, but the quality makes up for the cost. Their stores can be found all across the country and have grown in renown throughout the years. Just this fall, SEE Eyewear was featured in magazines including Marie Claire, Seventeen, People and GQ. As a lover of SEE since the very start, I know that their newly acquired prominence does not go unwarranted.


see chic frames - seven halos

(courtesy of

Whether you choose SEE or another local eye-wear boutique, make sure to choose a pair of frames that fits your face shape. Experiment with colors and dare to be bold! Glasses can make a statement that says a lot about your personality, so make sure your pair accurately reflects you.


Noël Um is a contributing writer at Seven Halos and is a first-year English and Professional Writing major at Carnegie Mellon University. She loves ballet, poetry, fashion and blogging.


Machismo: Does Wealth and Power Corrupt Everyone?

According to my dad, there’s no such thing as a good rich person.  Now, I understand that was probably a hyperbole.  However, there might be a certain amount of truth in that statement but I also contend that people in the upper echelons of the socio-economic hierarchy are not inherently more evil than others.  Rather, it is more likely that wealth and power corrupt whoever possesses them.

This came to my attention even more lucidly while reading Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States.  The first chapter begins with Columbus’ arrival to the West Indies and his successful genocide of ALL the Arawak natives on the island.  This chapter is followed by the horrible conditions that African slaves had to endure as well as those of the white indentured servants.

christopher columbus - Seven Halos
Were the Spanish, the Dutch, the French, the Portuguese, and the English worse people than those from other countries?  I doubt it.  A much more plausible explanation is that they encountered civilizations that had many desirable resources and the former had the ability to take what they wanted by will.  (If you’re interested in the exact details of how and why the Europeans dominated the globe, read Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond.)  If the Chinese were the first ones to actively explore the New World, then perhaps they would be the ones who would have conquered the Americas and wiped out virtually all of the Native Americans off the two continents.

One of the more interesting ideas from the book had to do with class struggle during America’s colonial period under the British.  The basic idea is that well-educated middle and upper-middle class Americans like Sam Adams, James Otis, Jr. (the man who famously coined the phrase “Taxation Without Representation is Tyranny”), and many other famous Bostonians (credited for planting the seeds of the American Revolution) would rally support against the powerful British and Tories in Boston by summoning the American lower class, riding on their angst, grievances, and frustrations caused by the unfair taxes and laws imposed by the British Parliament.  Of course, the leaders of the American Revolution succeeded but the poor remained poor, the slaves remained enslaved, and the oppressed remain oppressed.  Note that the American government continued its territorial expansion by killing off more Indians and withheld women’s suffrage, just as the Europeans did.

This social phenomenon of the bourgeoisie using the proletariat by promising the latter a better life under new social rule (followed by the former never following through on their promises after they acquire their power) is usually mentioned in world history classes when discussing the French, Bolshevik, and Cultural Revolutions.  But one should not underestimate the ubiquity of this important pattern for America is not immune.

How might this be relevant to you?  If you’re one of my friends reading this, you’re probably a Democrat and will vote for Obama this coming election.  You’re well-educated and you think that big businesses are the bane of our society and their CEO’s are nothing but greedy fat-cats who don’t care about Americans.

BUT, would you still be voting for Obama if you were among the super-wealthy in America?  Probably (and statistically), you wouldn’t.  It’s more likely that you’d vote for Romney who promises not to increase your income tax.  If that’s the case, then who are you to morally condemn the millionaires and billionaires who are simply voting in their interests?  After all, that’s what you’d do.

By the way, I am NOT saying that any of the atrocities committed by the rich and powerful are justified.  Wrong is wrong.  Rather, this is merely a reflection on human nature and that maybe we should think twelve times before we judge those who abuse their social advantages.  In a way, they’re victims too.


 is currently a graduate student at Columbia University working towards his masters in Actuarial Science. He graduated from Harvard College with Physics and a secondary field in Mathematics. Lester likes to focus on finding out more about the nature of our universe at its most basic level also likes to listen to music to get pumped. He often delves into evolutionary psychology and listens to slow, contemplative songs.

The Seven and Blake Collection is here!

After seven long months of production, the Seven Halos x Sophie Blake collection is finally here!

Seven Halos and Sophie Blake capsule Collection Debut

Seven Halos founder and collection co-designer Jenn Nicole Smith (center left) with Sophie Blake (center right), luxury jewelry designer and co-designer of the Seven x Blake Collection.

Jennifer Smith, Founder of entered in a collaborative partnership with NY based Jewelry Designer to create a unique, hand crafted, luxury capsule collection Inspired by the baroque pattern of Jennifer’s mother’s antique dresser, seven pieces came to gather in to form a limited edition line that combined matte black wood with 18k gold plating and chains.

The whole point of having a statement necklace is for it to be bold, for it to speak for itself. I’ve always described my personal style as classy with a hard edge. An elegant rebellion. I wanted this first collection to really be reflective of me and my personality, but also be something that any confident woman could wear and get noticed in”- Jennifer Smith, Founder of

In typical Seven Halos fashion, no frill was spared. The collection was debuted at District Lounge, one of Boston’s best venues for dining and night life. Guest entered into a white leather adorned corridor where they were asked to grace the camera with their presence.  Before entering the main room, each person was greeted with a glass of champagne and directed to the asian inspired appetizer buffet.  Guest were entertained with a live painting

Artist/ painter Wendy Darling with Jenn Nicole Smith of Seven Halos

Artist/ painter Wendy Darling with Jenn Nicole Smith of Seven Halos

session from local artist and trendsetter Wendy Darling, who’s portrait of the iconic Grace Jones would later be raffled off to luck winner.

At the stroke of 9, the floor was parted like the red sea and 6 models emerged wearing the collection like living statues. The “art instillation” style show lasted just seven minutes, but each minute had the audience captivated.

The night concluded with random acts of magic and dancing.

Seven Halos and Sophie Blake Capsule Collection

Get the look: Fall into Me

If you caught me walking down the streets of Boston, or Chicago, on any given day, I’d probably be wearing something like this. Those who know me, know this is VERY true. The key, “so Jenn,” defining pieces being the soft flowing shirt, big bag and sunglasses.

Vanessa Bruno high collar shirt
$86 -

L Agence cashmere coat
530 -

Vero Moda wide pants
€190 -


Signed, Jenn Nicole

Watch The Throne and Party with the Kingdom


The newly launched Boylston Trading Company, a U.S. based boutique store that curates selection of premium menswear, has teamed up with Adidas and @Superfun party series to bring the most anticipated party of the season to Boston, Superful-Boston!

This is an event that will speak for itself. Music by will be provided by: Kanye West’s and Watch The Throne tour DJ, MILLION $ MANO and Boston’ own Brek.One

RSVP for priority entrance:

Signed, Yvonne
Twitter: @YvonneTNT

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