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Chic Frames for the Chic College Student: SEE Eyewear

As mid-term week approaches, college students start to get lazier when it comes to putting on a fresh face before stepping out of the dorm. Wouldn’t it be great to look casual and trendy at the same time without even trying?

Fashion experts have long been debating the easiest way to add a flare of sophistication to a simple outfit. But I have found the secret in a commonplace accessory: glasses.

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Glasses are your go-to secret weapon. When confronting fashion in college, might at first seem counter intuitive  When walking around campus, I only see thick-lensed frames pop up on faces of computer science nerds or on athletes battling pink eye. Most college students have their seventh-grade frames stashed away in their bottom desk drawer for emergency purposes only.

But the fact that the majority of college students opt for contact lenses makes wearing glasses unique. And if you pick out a super cute pair, it can add a new layer of personality to your look that feels just as refreshing as a new makeover.

Whether you’re one to plan your outfits days in advance or you barely manage to roll out of bed in time for class, a perfect pair of glasses can give you a nerdy chic twist that adds an unidentifiable spark to any look.

I discovered my power weapon in a pair of glasses from an eye-wear boutique in Boston a couple of years back. While satisfying my shopping cravings on Newbury St., I stumbled upon SEE Eyewear. Their window display glinting with colorful and retro-style frames lured me into their basement store, where I spent hours trying on various frames before settling on a pair of ruby red specs with tortoise shell lining the sides.

SEE’s carefully crafted frames might edge on the pricier side of your budget, but the quality makes up for the cost. Their stores can be found all across the country and have grown in renown throughout the years. Just this fall, SEE Eyewear was featured in magazines including Marie Claire, Seventeen, People and GQ. As a lover of SEE since the very start, I know that their newly acquired prominence does not go unwarranted.


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Whether you choose SEE or another local eye-wear boutique, make sure to choose a pair of frames that fits your face shape. Experiment with colors and dare to be bold! Glasses can make a statement that says a lot about your personality, so make sure your pair accurately reflects you.


Noël Um is a contributing writer at Seven Halos and is a first-year English and Professional Writing major at Carnegie Mellon University. She loves ballet, poetry, fashion and blogging.


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