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Classy Moment: Swarovski’s Crystal Palace

At this year’s Milan Design Week, Swarovski commissioned five separate artists to each apply their own respective take on the famous ornamental crystal brand. Included were Tokujin Yoshioka, Gwenaël Nicolas, Vincent van Duysen, Rogier van der Heide and Yves Béhar. Not only were the pieces one of a kind, but the setting created just the right atmosphere for such works of art to be exhibited

Each artist and their creation is below…
Yves Béhar’s “Amplify”.  He combined technology with the inherent qualities of Swarovski crystal to create a beautiful yet surprisingly low budget lighting arrangement. A series of paper lanterns shaped like crystals had lights refracting from a real crystals inside, casting patterns on the surface of the paper.

Vincent Van Duysen’s “Frost” featured glowing beams. The surface of each beam was covered in crystals of various shapes and sizes set in a resin to keep them in place.

Tokujin Yoshioka’s “Stellar”, was a spherical installation covered with crystals and lit from within by LEDs. An accompanying glass tank in the same room featured another globe with naturally growing cyrstals.

Rogier van der Heide’s “Dream Cloud” presented the fundamental features of the crystals and how they manage to spark our imagination into dreams which do become reality.

Gwenaël Nicolas presented “Sparks.” Free floating transparent balloons enclosed small, lit crystal sculptures. Gwenaël also constructed a lighted crystal rope (above) illuminating the room with an  iridescent spectrum.

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