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Kimiko Yoshida: Self-Portraits

Artist Kimiko Yoshida was born in Tokyo, Japan. In 1995 she left as a result of feeling the oppression against women. Now living in Europe, the prolific artist has commited to a series of stunning and unusual self-portraits, transforming herself into various representations

Her work has graced the covers of many art and photography magazines and she’s received many awards including the recipient of 1st Place in the category of “self-Portraits” in the 2005 New York International Photography Awards.

No one can explain the thought process and inspiration of a work of art rather than the artist themselves. Below, a statement from Kimiko Yoshida about her work.

“Art is above all the experience of transformation. Transformation is, it seems to me, the ultimate value of the work. Art for me has become a space of shifting metamorphosis. My Self-portraits, or what go by that name, are only the place and the formula of the mutation.”

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