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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2013: Preliminary Line-Up

benz fashion weekThe New Year signifies fresh beginnings and limitless possibilities ahead. For the fashion industry, it also means the latest collections will soon make their debut, giving designers a platform to present the next chapter in their story. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2013 Collections is just a few weeks away, and today IMG Fashion, producers of the event, announced the preliminary line up of emerging talent, established brands and returning designers who will take center-stage at Lincoln Center, February 7-14, 2013.

“Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is truly the world’s stage for international designers to introduce their collections to the American market and establish relationships with a global audience of media and industry professionals. The Fall 2013 Collections are particularly exciting as we see leading American designers return to the runway alongside some of the brightest emerging brands from around the world, such as ICB by Prabal Gurung, Monika Chiang, Ruffian, MM6 Maison Martin Margiela and Brandon Sun,” said Jarrad Clark, Global Director of Production, IMG Fashion Events and Properties.


"The start of the new year brings exciting change and positive momentum to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week with a line-up of amazing designer talent showing this coming February," says Stephanie Zimmer, Manager of Brand Experience Marketing at Mercedes-Benz USA. "We are as excited as ever to see what unfolds on the runways at Lincoln Center, as we roll out an entirely new Mercedes-Benz vehicle to the luxury segment."

Over 100,000 guests will walk through Lincoln Center, while millions of fashion followers tune in around the world to get a glimpse of the shows and the stars. In a recent study by Fordham University, it was estimated that $40 million dollars are annually contributed to the Lincoln Center area from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week guests, solidifying the event as a key supporter of the local economy.

Full preliminary Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2013 schedule belowMBFW_F13_schedule

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is an IMG event.

Machismo: The Search for Men’s Stylish Winter Boots

I was summoned to search for stylish winter boots that will keep his toes warm. I’m not a fashion expert or anything but it is truly hard to find men’s fashionable boots that really do the job as a winter boot. I did my best anyway and here is what I found.

 If you are looking for style:

My favorite store, Kohl’s, has great stylish men’s boots for great deals even for the picky ones.

apt9 style boots kohls - Seven Halos

Apt9 style boots

marc anthony fashion boots

Marc Anthony fashion boots

Sketchers Blaine Orsen boots - Seven Halos

Sketchers Blaine Orsen boots

Timbaland Boot Company  ($80- $495  , ) – I’ve always been a big fan of Timbs’. They are so classic and durable enough that I can always count on them to last for a very long time. These boots have been quite stylish lately.

Timbaland Roll-Top Boot

Timbaland Roll-Top Boot

Timbaland Earthkeepers® City Premium Warm Lined 9-Inch Boot

Timbaland Earthkeepers® City Premium Warm Lined 9-Inch Boot


Tackhead 8 inch rust

DNA Footwear ($80-$300 , I would say this is probably my new favorite store that has very stylish boots for men. I walked into a brick and mortar DNA Footwear recently in Williamburg, New York and I must say, the hipsters are definitely staying hip if they have access to these kicks.


Palladium Baggy Leather S boot

Abram Alpine Ankle Boot

Abram Alpine Ankle Boot

Jeffrey Campbell Mount Man Casual Flat Boot - Wine Distressed Suede

Jeffrey Campbell Mount Man Casual Flat Boot – Wine Distressed Suede

UGG ($160-$525 In my opinion I thought UGG boots were the most obnoxious and lazy footwear known to mankind. Therefore, I never caught the fever to join that trend. But lately, I haven’t minded them and here’s why.

Ugg Vanni Leather boots - Seven Halos

Ugg Vanni Leather boots

Ugg Ultra Rivington

Ugg Ultra Rivington

Ugg Branton - Seven Halos

Ugg Branton

It’s all about the performance:

Yes! Timbaland again! Such reliable piece of hardware. (


Timbaland Tackhead 8 Inch Rust


Timbaland Men's Earthkeepers® Rugged 6-Inch WP Plain Toe Boot

Timbaland Men’s Earthkeepers® Rugged 6-Inch WP Plain Toe Boot

Columbia Sportswear Whitefield XTM Winter Boots ( $90, These sneaker boots are also great for hiking and doing any winter activities for your snow bear.


Columbia Sportswear Whitefield XTM Winter Boots - Seven Halos

Columbia Sportswear Whitefield XTM Winter Boots

Cabela’s Professional Outdoor™ Footwear Insulated Slip-On Moccasins ($45, - These slip on mocassins have Thinsulate™ Ultra insulation for warmth. You bet those rubber soles will conquer those icy and snowy winters.

Cabela's Professional Outdoor™ Footwear Insulated Slip-On Moccasins - Seven Halos

Cabela’s Professional Outdoor™ Footwear Insulated Slip-On Moccasins

Sorel Caribou Reserve LTD Winter Pac Boots ($325, – Just looking at these boots gets my toes all warm and tingly. This has all the ingredients to the perfect winter boot: bison leather to keep dry, layers of removable lining and shearling to keep the heat inside.

Sorel Caribou Reserve LTD Winter Pac Boots - Seven Halos

Sorel Caribou Reserve LTD Winter Pac Boots

No laces, no zipper, no hands!

SOREL Men’s Cheyanne Winter Boot ($100, – A combination of suede and rubber keeps a man’s feet dry. And as you can see, no laces! This boot has Thinsulate™ insulation for warmth and comfort.


SOREL Men's Cheyanne Winter Boot - Seven Halos

SOREL Men’s Cheyanne Winter Boot

Chaco Credence Baa Snow Boots ($160, – For those men who love that shearling lining. These slips are sure to keep you comfy and cozy all winter long.


Chaco Credence Baa Snow Boots


North Face Men’s Snowfuse Pull-On Winter Boot ($80, – For all the North Face fans here is a nice slip-on, slip-off lightweight boot.  And of course, that famous fleece lining that we all love about North Face products, you are sure to be warm and dry.


North Face Men’s Snowfuse Pull-On Winter Boot


BOGS Classic Short Boot ($80, – Stay fashionable with ankle boots that keep you dry and warm. This boot has you covered from the outside and inside: Antimicrobial odor protection insole and non-slip out-sole.


BOGS Classic Short Boot

You’re welcome! I just made your job easier for inspiration to find the perfect winter boots for the men in your life.

Don’t see your favorite brand here? Let us know! We’ll do the research for you! Comment on our facebook page or tweet us!



- K.Kol

Pantone’s Top 10 Colors for Spring 2013

Every season at the beginning of fashion week, Pantone releases its predictions of what 10 shades will be the most popular on the runways. The feeling for spring? Practical colors, particularly nautical-inspired blues, and Pop Art-inspired shades, such as pale lemon and chartreuse green, are going to be big news. Here’s the full spectrum for spring 2013… 0906-pantone-spring-2013-colors_fa.jpg Taking Tangerine Tango‘s place as the “It” color of the season is Monaco Blue, which the Pantone Color Institutes’’s executive director, Leatrice Eiseman, touted for its picturesque-meets-practical qualities in an interview with WWD. “There is sort of a stop-the-world-I-want-to-get-off feeling. People want dependably stable colors,” Eiseman said. Pantone-2013-Spring-Color-ReportWhich of these spring 2013 hues do you hope to see become a big color trend on the runways this week? Which one would you be most likely to wear?

Red Headed Power Ladies

I’ve been reading some horrifying statistics lately. Really scary, stuff, ya know?

Now, I listen to these facts with a figurative grain of salt, (can you listen with a grain of salt? No? Whatever.) because I highly doubt that the people spreading these INCREDIBLY shocking bits of information actually have any knowledge of genealogy… but still: red-heads are dying.

Wait, I’ll rephrase that. Put down the phone. Don’t dial your ginger neighbor Lisa’s number… she’s not dying. Well, I don’t know that. If she is, boy am I sorry. Wow, I’ve really dug myself a hole here.

What I meant is, the “redhead” gene is slowly becoming extinct. It’s estimated that about 2% of the world’s population naturally has red hair. As a ginger, this makes me sad. I can hear the mournful cries of Ariel from the depths of her daddy’s underwater palace. And Ron Weasley is probably working on a spell to correct this RIGHT now… (gingeras repairus? No? Whatever) bless his fair-skinned heart. So, if the recessive red hair gene is so limited in the human population, the chance of it being passed down through future generations is diminished. Science, ya know?

Luckily, this isn’t all gloom and doom, friends. There’s hope! Red hair is the number one most popular at-home hair dye color for women! It’s okay that it’s not natural, cause really ginger-dom is a state of mind anyway. That’s probably a stretch, but I would be seriously bummed if my everyday redhead sightings diminished.

In honor of the potential red-heads that will never be, I’ve compiled a list of my top three favorite crimson-topped ladies, as portrayed in real life and in the movies:

1.)  Christina Hendricks.

Christina is so totally beautiful, first of all. She’s the type of woman whose silhouette gets tattooed on the backs of burly men. But she’s also one classy human being. Basically all the literature we read online today about the gorgeous ‘Mad Men’ actress has to do with her weight. Not her talent, her charitable involvement with the Make-A-Wish Foundation or her future as an actress… instead, it’s her breast, waist and thigh measurements. You know, the real hard-hitting stuff… (currently resisting the 90’s-child urge to insert a “NOT!” here.) She meets rumors of weight loss goals with a simple and definitive: “I love my body” and moves on. Right on, Ms. Hendricks. RIGHT. ON.


christina-hendricks - Seven HalosCHRISTINA-HENDRICKS - Seven Halos


2.)  Merida- that sassy little girl from Pixar’s ‘Brave’.

First of all, Merida might be the ONLY princess to come out of a Disney film without having snatched up a man. Oh and that gorgeous little lady had options all right. In fact, she was about to be set up with one of three less than desirable young suitors when she decided horseback riding, archery and following her destiny was far superior to betrothal. Can’t say I blame a sister, it wouldn’t be easy riding horseback with a dude constantly bitching about her luscious locks of red hair flying in his face. Who run the world? (Ginger) Girls.


Brave-merida- Seven Halos


3.)  Florence Welch of Florence and the Machines.

Florence. Welch. We all know home girl has pipes to be reckoned with. But that unparalleled crazy cool style, though. Can we collectively sigh over that? Can we take a look at how effortlessly she pulls off crazy homeless lady, European royalty, female Christ figure and freaky leather rock star goddess? Plus, her hat and shoe collection, of course. I really could go on and on. Recap: her music is epic, her clothes are fierce, her hair is red. Is it natural? I don’t know, and I don’t care. This woman has magical, sorcerer ginger hair.

florence-welch - Seven Halos


So there we have it, girls and boys. Red heads are just too cool. BUT NOT TOO COOL TO CONTINUE REPRODUCING AND MAKING BEAUTIFUL GINGER BABIES.

I implore you. Go out, hug a ginger, admire glorious red tendrils, and get a little jealous maybe? No? Whatever.

is a Communication Studies major and a starry eyed collector of fine (and not so fine) clothing. Addicted to Nutella, fashion, design and cats, she is a Boston    native in love with life. Twitter: @abbylt22

The Picky Boy: Holiday Gift Ideas For Every Type of Guy

We all love our guys.

Brothers, boyfriends, nephews, boy-friends (the “NO, I swear we’re just friends”) boy-friends. Holidays approach, however, and we often remember what it is about them we can not stand: they don’t tell us what they want. We play incredible interrogation-style mind tricks trying to read them, and usually to no avail. So, I went ahead and spent some time scouring the internet. Every type of guy can be shopped for… he WILL be shopped for. Here are a few quick ideas to get you started:

Ideas for…

The Tech Geek/The Video Game Nerd

history of apple - Seven Halos

A ‘History of Apple’ 18×24 poster for the Steve Jobs/Apple lover he is.




bare bones of pacman tshirt - Seven Halos

Because we all share a love/hate relationship with Pac-Man.

Because we all share a love/hate relationship with Pac-Man.


This awesome Star Wars dartboard for his Nerd-Man-Cave:

Maybe a Nintendo Controller Backpack would be just the thing:

The Gym Rat

GNC protein gift for him - Seven Halos

From what I hear, whey protein does amazing thing for man-muscles. Buy him some online here:

From what I hear, whey protein does amazing thing for man-muscles. Find some online here:

doyouevenlift tank - Seven Halos

According to my boyfriend, who constantly asks his friends if “they even lift”, gym rats totally get this phrase. (Some sort of weightlifting lingo)

According to my boyfriend, who constantly asks his friends if “they even lift”, gym rats totally get this phrase. (Some sort of weightlifting lingo) I don’t pretend to understand, but surprise him with this shirt:


Also: Weightlifting gloves. Because calluses are no fun for anybody:

Mr. Arthouse-

iphonecase Andy Warhol - Seven Halosiphonecase - Seven Halos


Andy Warhol iPhone cases so EVERYONE knows how artsy he is:

Exit Through The Gift Shop - Seven Halos

Get him Banksy’s amazing documentary, “Exit Through The Gift Shop” on DVD: it’s funny, it’s artful, it’ll make you want to break vandalism laws.

Get him Banksy’s amazing documentary, “Exit Through The Gift Shop” on DVD: it’s funny, it’s artful, it will make you want to break vandalism laws. Get it here:


Lomography cameras from Urban Outfitters are great for when he wants to be a photographer but isn’t into the whole ‘photography’ thing. Urban has a great selection:,lomography

If he is into Graphic Design, here’s a recent book on it:

And if he wants to start collecting art himself, get him a gift card to

The Academic

william shakespeare - seven halos

Some guys love literature. If he loves literature AND pillows (aka dream guy?), get him some fun caricature pillows of his favorites:

OR if it is iPhone covers he loves, get him some of those:

theatre iphonecase - Seven Halos


Does he have a big presentation coming up? Does he want to be a memorable candidate for an internship? Does he collect ties? Yes? Great. Here:

Help him plan 2013 (don’t be afraid to write in dates like… your birthday or your half birthday for him.) We know boys have a tendency to forget:

Here’s hoping I could help you get your holiday shopping started for those lovable, albeit difficult boys of ours. Cheers to hopefully getting something good in return this year! (I mean let’s not hold our breath though.)


is a Communication Studies major and a starry-eyed collector of fine (and not so fine) clothing. Addicted to Nutella, fashion, design and cats, she is a Boston    native in love with life. Twitter: @abbylt22

Chic Frames for the Chic College Student: SEE Eyewear

As mid-term week approaches, college students start to get lazier when it comes to putting on a fresh face before stepping out of the dorm. Wouldn’t it be great to look casual and trendy at the same time without even trying?

Fashion experts have long been debating the easiest way to add a flare of sophistication to a simple outfit. But I have found the secret in a commonplace accessory: glasses.

chic frames - Seven Halos - glasses

(courtesy of

Glasses are your go-to secret weapon. When confronting fashion in college, might at first seem counter intuitive  When walking around campus, I only see thick-lensed frames pop up on faces of computer science nerds or on athletes battling pink eye. Most college students have their seventh-grade frames stashed away in their bottom desk drawer for emergency purposes only.

But the fact that the majority of college students opt for contact lenses makes wearing glasses unique. And if you pick out a super cute pair, it can add a new layer of personality to your look that feels just as refreshing as a new makeover.

Whether you’re one to plan your outfits days in advance or you barely manage to roll out of bed in time for class, a perfect pair of glasses can give you a nerdy chic twist that adds an unidentifiable spark to any look.

I discovered my power weapon in a pair of glasses from an eye-wear boutique in Boston a couple of years back. While satisfying my shopping cravings on Newbury St., I stumbled upon SEE Eyewear. Their window display glinting with colorful and retro-style frames lured me into their basement store, where I spent hours trying on various frames before settling on a pair of ruby red specs with tortoise shell lining the sides.

SEE’s carefully crafted frames might edge on the pricier side of your budget, but the quality makes up for the cost. Their stores can be found all across the country and have grown in renown throughout the years. Just this fall, SEE Eyewear was featured in magazines including Marie Claire, Seventeen, People and GQ. As a lover of SEE since the very start, I know that their newly acquired prominence does not go unwarranted.


see chic frames - seven halos

(courtesy of

Whether you choose SEE or another local eye-wear boutique, make sure to choose a pair of frames that fits your face shape. Experiment with colors and dare to be bold! Glasses can make a statement that says a lot about your personality, so make sure your pair accurately reflects you.


Noël Um is a contributing writer at Seven Halos and is a first-year English and Professional Writing major at Carnegie Mellon University. She loves ballet, poetry, fashion and blogging.


The Shop Girl Wishes…

The shop girl wishes - Seven Halos

See how happy and germ free this couple shopping online is?

Your ass would shop online.

As I write this understand, it’s Thanksgiving, I’m a bottle of champagne in and I’m still sipping cider. I have to work tomorrow, on the most sacred shopping day ever, Black Friday. I want you all to understand your need to get a deal is causing me to be to work at 6am tomorrow. I’m expected to clock in and have a smile on my face at  6am. You know what I should be doing tomorrow at 6am? Still drinking or at the very least sobering up.

-woman-in-shock - the shop girl wishes - Seven halos

The mention of Black Friday brought out the worst in this woman.

Working on Black Friday is the biggest bunch of bullshit I’ve ever experienced in my life. Retail workers are dragged away (literally!) from their families and left overs to feed the rabid need of people who don’t really like their family members and need an excuse to leave the house at midnight to go shopping for “deals”. Fuck your deals and your family issues. Don’t drag me away from my Champagne or cider. I love them both. I love leftovers and I love my dog and husband. I don’t want to be away from any of these things consecutively at any given time. Sadly the major mall I work in thinks differently.
I think you should shop online. You read that right; shop online! Don’t drag my ass out of my drunken stupor at 6am because you need a deal on pajama bottoms and poorly made t-shirts. Click a link and add that shit to your shopping cart on Amazon. Let the poor retail workers of America sleep. Bad enough their are 5 shopping weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas! That’s five weeks of holiday music by Justin Beiber on rotation! Imagine the personal hell of Justin rapping over a holiday beat. Go ahead, Google it, I’ll wait. Shopping online eliminates the need to go out into the masses where the chances of catching a cold or flu are higher. You could slip on melted snow entering a mall. You could lose your child or worse your iPhone!  Dear god think of your iPhone.

the shop girl wishes - seven halos

USA/WASHINTON STATE/ CLARKSTON_After Thanksgiving Black friday shoppers with thier favority goods at Wal-Mart(Walmart)on thanks giving evening on 24 Nov. 2011

Shop online. You won’t have to deal with a tired cashier or a worn out stock room person or the manager who got bitched out by his wife about the holiday shift he had to work. Because YOU the American Consumer just HAD to get a deal on those pajama bottoms and that poorly made t-shirt. I think if you asked, most retail workers would rather work a long Saturday shift than the Friday shift after Thanksgiving. We’ve had time to re-up and relax. We’ve had a chance to spend time with the family we barely get to see. We get some rest. We just want to rest, like you.






The Shop Girl” is a 20-something East Coaster just tying to pay the bills and keep her head above water. Her extracurricular activities include: Whiskey, crushing on boys with beards who also like whiskey and all things fashion. (duh.) That photo is totally not her.

Anya Sarre shows you how to Flaunt A Fabulous You this fall

Cool confidence is the ultimate final accessory a woman needs to complete any outfit. Welcome the fall season with a crisp new look that flatters the figure and lifts the spirits. Be confident knowing that the clothes and accessories selected re-energize the spirit as cool confidence shines through to welcome this fall season.

Creating the Perfect Fall Wardrobe
Clothes trending this fall include leather pants and skirts, velvet textured pieces and vibrant, art-inspired fabric designs. As always, classic pieces like the little black dress, a cashmere sweater, a neutral colored cardigan, a silk blouse, a classic turtleneck and a great fitting pair of jeans are musts this fall season.

Accessorizing Fabulous Fall Outfits

To complete a fall look, be sure to have these choices in shoes: the classic pair of pumps, knee high boots, slip on walking shoes and a few hip pairs of heels and wedges.

Versatile Creations

[featured_products per_page="6" columns="4" orderby="date" order="desc"] [add_to_cart id="" sku=""]
GEMS GALOREFor a day out enjoying the fall weather that leads into an evening of dining, pair a turtleneck with a cardigan and leggings. Slip on a favorite pair of knee high boots and accessorize. As night approaches, ditch the cardigan and jazz up the jewelry -

add a bold necklace, more bangles and big hoop earrings for a night of fun.

Fall Days Exploring

Getting ready for a day of galleries and hot spot cafes? Opt for a funkier fall outfit. Velvet textured pants with a silk blouse, or a cashmere sweater with great fitting jeans make fantastic fall day choices. Slip on comfortable yet stylish walking shoes for a day of art and coffee, a perfect plan for a crisp fall day.

Fall Evening Events
For those preferring a cozy fall day indoors, but the night out, the little black dress for evening works wonders for flattering the figure and boosting confidence. Add a pair of diamond studs, then slip on a pair of sexy, black classic heels for a head turning combination.

A few fall wardrobe items paired with an energized spirit makes any outfit combination this fall one to flaunt the confident.Anya Sarre is one of Hollywood’s most influential trendsetters. A nationally recognized celebrity stylist, Sarre is known for her impeccable eye and ability to tie any look together with the perfect accessory. Named “Best Television Fashion Stylist” for her appearances on Entertainment Tonight, The Insider and countless other media outlets, Sarre is the go-to fashion expert for Hollywood’s biggest celebrities.

Five Essential Pieces for Fall from American Apparel

The fall season is quickly approaching, and sadly, the summer season is coming to a close. For those of you who love layering, the fall is the golden age for scarves, light coats, and chunky sweaters. The key to accomplishing a polished fall look is to have basic essentials. We visited Boston’s American Apparel to find five must-haves for men and women this fall semester.

Sales associate Mairead Kelly of Emmanuel College and London College of Fashion gave us the fall necessities from the women’s store.

By: Eliza Florendo

Unisex Denim Jacket

1. Unisex Denim Jacket for $79.00: “This classic American look really goes both ways without being too overly masculine or feminine. What’s great about this is that into the fall, you could really get a lot of wear out of it, just because it is a very specific weight.”

2. High Waisted Denim Mini Skirt (Light Wash) for $48.00: “This skirt is really awesome. It’s one of my favorite things because, it’s not too short. For girls who really aren’t curvy at all, it kinda shows off their waist and gives them more shape. I would wear this with just a plain button down or a t-shirt in the summer. This is a staple that you can mix and match.”

Circle Scarf by American Apparel “This scarf is awesome for college students because it’s super comfortable, but looks really polished.”

3. Circle Scarf for $28.00: “This scarf is awesome for college students because it’s super comfortable, but looks really polished. there have been days in class when i’ve just put it down on my desk and taken a nap. these are really affordable and they’re something you throw on and it just looks great.”

4. Linen High Waist Pleated Pant for $75.00: “These are perfect for skinny girls looking to add more curves. They’re really classic, you can cuff them, and they’re really polished and they’re nothing too flashy. Mostly, I wear these pants with a button down, or throw on a t-shirt or a flowy top.”

For the men’s store, we talked essentials with American Apparel‘s store manager Esteban Chavez.

1. Unisex Denim Jacket for $79.00: “I love this piece because it’s a nice heavy jacket, but it’s a new denim, so it’s thick and you can wear it in. I know a lot of people like to purchase a denim jacket used to have that worn in feel, but I like ours because you get the chance to wear it into your body yourself. You can wear it with a tank, T-shirt, button up, flannel shirt, you know, over a hoodie. I think my style is very versatile, so I pick things that can be worn up or down.”

Twill Welt Pocket Pants by American Apparel “These are a standard slack with a thin, slender cut, which I like on men’s clothes.”

2. Twill Welt Pocket Pants for $69.00: “These are a standard slack with a thin, slender cut, which I like on men’s clothes. My favorite color is the Sea Blue Twill. It has a 50’s feel to it, and they just have a really nice fit and medium weight, which is good for fall, transitioning between summer and winter.”


3. Flannel L/S Button Up Shirt (Lake Flannel) for $62.00: “Another essential is the Flannel Shirt, because it’s a good transition piece. It’s a medium weight flannel that I usually wear with the sleeves rolled up, sometimes just open with a t-shirt underneath in the fall. In the winter, I’ll usually wear it as a layer or I’ll even wear it over a hoodie.”

4. Herringbone L/S Raglan Pullover (Aurora) for $58.00: “This long sleeve is a bit thicker and in the fall, I usually wear it without anything underneath. It has a bigger boat neck to it and you can layer and add on in the winter, wear it over a flannel, or over an oxford.”

5. Heavy Chambray L/S Button Up Shirt (Blue with Caramel) for $60.00: “This is a thicker material that I wear from fall into winter. With the denim, you can always dress it up or down. You can wear it with nice slacks, a blazer, and a tie, but you could always dress it down with a pair of shorts.”


Heavy Chambray L/S Button Up Shirt


So while days sitting poolside, lounging on roof decks, reading a book on the shore may be dwindling away, the excitement of corduroy, thick denim, and wool are getting our fashion senses going. This fall, spruce up your wardrobe by starting at the basics – get your staple pieces now!

*All prices shown are in USD.


The European pop group Kazaky is not your average “boy band.” With their dance-ready beats and fashion feats in razor-sharp stilettos, the fearless foursome is carving out a niche all their own.

There was a time when Kazaky was just a ukrainian group that only the gays knew about. But my how things have changed. In just a few years, the boys have gone from being a group of unknown dudes in heels to being featured in this month’s upcoming V magazine. Along with being madonna’s eye candy in her ‘Girls Gone Wild’ video, they can now add Nicola Formichetti and famed photographers Inez & Vinoodh to their ever growing list of celebrity followers.

Bravo boys! can’t wait to see guys make middle america choke on your high heels & barely there ensembles :)

Kazaky for V Magazine

Kazaky for V MagazineKazaky for V MagazineKazaky for V MagazinePhotography Inez & Vinoodh, fashion Nicola Formichetti

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