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Trashy Moment: Pastel Lips

Y’all know I don’t like to post too many Trashy Moments, mostly because I don’t like to litter, but some things need to be addressed. So, apparently a memo went around that pastel lips were the new thing.  I’ve seen a few pictures of girls trying to get in on it, but they failed.  I just don’t understand it.  I thought Whitney told us a few years back that, “Crack is Wack!” So why this random surge of pastiness.

Did I miss something?? I’ve seen it done right a few times in fashion mags and such, but those shots were done by professional makeup artist and photographers who can make anyone look good. They should come with a disclaimer that says, “DO NOT attempt this look at home.”

I’m all for someone being unique, individual, beat your own drum and whatever, but wearing the new shade you got at the free crack giveaway is too much. Keep it classy girls.

Someone please explain this to me…

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