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Joi "Cigarette" holder Ring - Gun Metal Bones

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A little skeleton hand will hold your smokes tight and keep it safe. Freeing your hands from smell and burn.

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  • Great gift for a Valentine, Birthday, or just because

  • No More burnt fingers

  • Solves a classic stoner problem. 

    Securely holds your blunts, joint, or cigarettes for you

A solution to a classic problem

If you smoke joints, blunts, or cigarettes, you've probably experienced the sizzle from trying to take a hit on a 1-inch nub. Your lips get singed, your fingertips get way toasty, or maybe you've experienced the epic fail of  fumbling a pass it to the next person, dropping it on the floor and ash all over. 

An unfortunate scenario that nobody should have to deal with.

Fortunately, there are ways to avoid this. Instead of risking bodily pain, you can wear your tiny blunt on a ring.

Special Flintstones Edition

  • Currently only available in a size 6.5. Can be worn as a knuckle ring. 

  • Pincher extends 2" off of finger

  • Fits rollies with a diameter of ~ 8mm/0.31in

  • Silver, Gold, Rose Gold or Gunmetal color

    Available in hands, rose, bones, snake and Sailor Moon Designs. 

30-Day Money-Back Guaranteed

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